Printers, multifunction machines and managed printing solutions

Often Businesses underestimate the cost of printing however, when everything is summed up and calculated the actual number might be quite significant.

Saving on printing and consumables but also ensuring security and data protection is vital for organisations. We offer a significant variety of printers starting from the low-entry models of leading brands to large managed solutions with multiple security levels. We have the knowledge and expertise to analyse your case and provide a complete solution ensuring optimisation and efficiency. This depends on various factors like the total number of employees, the weekly cycle per user, the physical distance between offices, the sensitivity of printed documents and many others.

Managed Print Services

The managed print services definition is broad, but the end result is simple: “gaining visibility and control of your printing, which helps you save money and boost productivity.” Managed printing, also helps you improve environmental sustainability and document security. We offer a full spectrum of managed print services for everyone from small businesses up to larger corporations. What’s the true measure of a good managed print services provider? One who can seamlessly manage your print infrastructure while you concentrate on your real business?

Main advantages of Managed Print Services:

  • Cost saving with lower Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Increased efficiency within the workplace
  • Administration and accountability
  • Improved security with permissions
  • Remote management
  • Data Leakage prevention through centralized and monitored printing structure

Things to consider:

  • Monthly duty cycle
  • Cost per page
  • Print speed
  • Colour or not
  • Resolution
  • Page yield of cartridges


A simple practical example:

Your office has an estimated monthly printing cycle of 4500 black and white copies per month and 500 colour ones.

Without a printing contract:

The price for consumables could be calculated with approximate values as follows:  €45 per cartridge with a yield of 1500 copies therefore, 45/1500 = €0.03 for black. For white it would be 3 (magenta, cyan, yellow) x 30 with a yield of 800 copies. Accordingly, 90/800= € 0.1125. To sum up, their current monthly printing cost is: (3000 x .03) + (250 x 0.1125) = 236.25 x 12 months = €2835

With a printing contract:

Having in mind the printing volume of the office, one of the recommended multifunction machines would be HP Page-wide Μ477dw. This machine can be provided at a cost of €10/ 1000 black copied and €75/ colour. Therefore, (4500 x 0.01) + ( 500 x 0.075 ) = €82.5 x 12 months = € 990


Yearly, there is a total saving of €1845 or otherwise a reduction of 65%.


Additional advantages of Managed Print Services:

  • Extend the warranty of the product
  • Never worry about running out of cartridges again
  • Covered repairs and parts
  • Fuser CRU
  • Drum Unit
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