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In today’s modern workplace, adaptability and flexibility are standard demands for every business or corporation. Teams may be working completely remotely or in mixed compositions: this means that some team members may be physically present while others need to connect from home. 
Video conferencing has been a powerful tool for collaboration for many years. With the advent of new technological breakthroughs, however, collaboration solutions are becoming a must for the new digital workplace: employees can now work together on projects, and even coordinate multiple teams no matter where they are in the world. 
With today’s collaboration solutions, enterprises of any size can literally have contributors, employees, and support from anywhere in the world. This allows employers to recruit the best talent for their projects without the limits of physical location or the cost of travel and time lost in commuting. 
Bionic specializes in bespoke, enhanced collaboration solutions that will turn an organisation into a hub of global activity, maximising cooperation, coordination, and productivity. 



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When it comes to the physical conferencing area, Bionic will carefully study the needs of your business: our goal is to enhance and streamline productivity by boosting collaboration and coordination between your business’ various teams. Some of the most important elements we consider is the size and shape of your dedicated conference room, the average number of participants you expect to be present per session, acoustics and interactive requirements, and more.
Once our experts have mapped your business’ parameters and profile, we will work with you to design an optimal fit, custom-made conferencing solution. At Bionic we provide you with and can install for you the best available hardware and software, integrated, and designed to fit your exact needs. 
Our software and hardware are sourced only from the top-tier, cutting edge, pioneering companies for collaboration solutions. We will be assembling your ideal fit from a wide selection and variety of products by industry leaders such as Logitech, Avaya, Cisco, Dolby, Yealink, and more. 

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To ensure high levels of productivity, remote work and remote meetings must be effortless. Collaboration between team members must be natural, without causing distractions due to a cumbersome conferencing experience. 

Bionic offers hardware solutions that guarantee a streamlined, seamless conferencing experience for all budgets and all room parameters. Our team of authorized, expert technicians will install your hardware for you and ensure all software works as you need it to work. 

Other: Bionic is geared to complete customization when it comes to conferencing solutions, so several other options are offered from esteemed companies such as Avaya, Polycom, and Cisco Systems. That way we are able to upgrade and enhance, as well as install from scratch, any conference system that needs it.

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