UPS solutions

Avoid power disruptions with an uninterruptible power supply system.

Very few businesses can function without electricity. Business have to plan and be prepared to overcome such issues in advance. Some of the factors that can cause power losses are physical damages, accidents, lightning strikes, site failure or even shortages during seasonal peaks.

The primary purpose of a UPS is to

Benefits from using a suitable UPS system:

  • Protection against power interruptions
  • Refine the electricity quality (voltage fluctuations) before reaching your office and equipment. This protects from damaging your hardware
  • Avoid data loss
  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Main types of UPS systems:

  • Standby UPS system: used a backup which remains on standby unless there is a primary power failure.
  • Line- interactive UPS system: always connected to the output and continuously filtering the quality of power.
  • Double conversion UPS system: works as a seamless switch with a backup battery charged by the AC input and powers the output inverter.


We have the expertise to calculate your requirements and propose the right solution for your organisation depending on the nature of your business, the quality of the electricity provided, the power consumption and required up-time. With leading brands like HP, APC and Trust you can secure your business continuity even with power failure.

Contact us today for a complementary advisory regarding your power supply solution and ensure the continuity, consistency, hardware protection and power filtering for your business!

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