Desktop computers

Boost your productivity with great desktop computers.

The requirements for desktop computers vary between organisations. Depending on factors like, the usage they are needed for, the software used, the available space and budget. We have options for all variables and combinations. Our account managers, can guide you through the product-lines of global vendors like HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell and others. Besides that, we can build a custom configuration when you have very specific requirements. Even if a laptop often covers the basic needs for business people, desktop computers provide total upgradability and customisation even for the most demanding professionals.


Some of the benefits of having the right Desktop computer:

  • Incredibly great variety of components that can all be choose by your own
  • Powerful processors
  • Easy hardware problem repairing (if any)
  • Make use of add-on cards
  • Budget solution for an organized place
  • Free space and available slots
  • Upgradability

Custom PC Systems:

Our experience taught us that often, normal desktop computers are not able to fulfil the needs of certain users. Demanding processes like rendering, video editing, complex calculators, big data analysis and other, often require a custom solution. Also, professionals like architects, editors, designers, producers, marketers, data analysts are likely not to be satisfied with an off-the shelf PC system.

We have been building custom PCs for 30 years, satisfied the most demanding users and developed some of the most impressive solutions in the island. Firstly, we will have to hear your requirements. Then, just leave everything to us. More passionate than ever, always with the latest solutions available, we can build, guarantee and maintain your custom PC.

Along with suitable business monitors and peripherals, you can provide an ideal workspace for your employees and boost your productivity.

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