Cloud Solutions

A simple but meaningful explanation of Cloud computing could be computing based on the internet. Technologies nowadays enable people to access all kind of data and software through the internet instead of the actual download on each physical storage of their computers. Often we are not so confident when using Cloud services but imaging how often you actually use this kind of services. Social media are on cloud, therefore updating your status is processed using cloud. Accessing your online banking? Cloud systems allow us to do that securely.

Cloud solutions are well in our lives, both in personal and business level. It is about time to utilise the opportunity of this technology according you our business needs for a vast variety of services to remain competitive.

Some of the main advantages of cloud computing:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere

Any location with internet connection could be a workplace for your employees and often even with a smartphone.

  • Data Security

Losing your personal computer for any reason could have a significant effect on your business. Imagine losing sensitive data and endless man-hours of work. Cloud computer enables you to access data stored in the cloud no matter what happens to your equipment.

  • Flexibility and scalability

One of the major advantages of cloud computing. Your business could have a fluctuating demand for bandwidth due to increased workload, expansions, seasonality and other factors. The ability to scale up or down depending on the state of your business will lead to cost reduction following a pay per use approach.

Cloud solutions could protect businesses of all sizes from the unwanted circumstances of data loss. Disaster recovery is a must for today’s business world and especially in the case of smaller businesses with limited resources and expertise, it could be the ideal solution.

Cloud Services help provide an extra layer of flexibility to all personal and corporate clients. Bionic works closely with its clients to help provide a fully uniquely tailored cloud package, designed to meet all required needs. From Office 365 to email hosting and Azure cloud solutions Bionic is prepared to take your organisation to the future. Also, our strategic cooperation with CL8 and other Data Centres, allows us to provide exceptional services for all.

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