Wi-Fi solutions

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Wi-Fi Solutions


In todays, fast paced and demanding business world, every minute counts. Stable and secure Wireless network is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With the increasing number of devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart-watches) stable and manageable Wi-Fi solutions are increasingly needed. It can be a powerful tool when it comes to productivity, collaboration, mobility, responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Some of the main ways your business can take advantage of wireless LANs are:

  • Increased collaboration enabling your employees work together easier and more effectively
  • Your customers can receive better customer service since connecting to required information will no longer be a constrain
  • Expandability and flexibility of LANs enable real-time changes to the network and offices reconfiguration

Other than productivity at work, clients have raised their expectations when it comes to Wi-Fi. The provision of an uninterrupted and high-speed Wi-Fi in nowadays a primary decisive factor when making their choice.

Bionic Electronics H.T Ltd, a leader in engineering, installing and supporting Wi-Fi networks in Cyprus, focuses on the hospitality, retail, enterprise and venue verticals. Our certified engineers provide high-level support with their knowledge and experience working with technologies from leading global vendors including Ubiquiti, Cisco, Microtik and others.

Over the last years, we have successfully completed numerus highly demanding and challenging projects. Some of the most prestigious hospitality units have trusted us for large scale projects, installations in the banking sector but also in businesses of smaller scale. Upon request, we can provide more specific references in terms of our portfolio in cases similar to yours.

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