Choosing your monitor for work is a serious business. Just calculate the hours you spend daily in front of your monitor. The right product can significantly increase your productivity, enable multitasking processes and at the same time protect your employees from repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s) caused by using unsuitable equipment for many hours repetitively. The monitors are considered as the primary interface between the computers and the users and directly affects how we can accomplish tasks.

There are many factors which every business has to consider before choosing the right monitors. Choosing the right features is vital to ensure productivity enhancement. The primary ones are listed below:

  • Screen Size

Depending on the available space but also on the number of open windows at any given time there are plenty of options, from a simple 22-inch  which is mainly suitable for basic office tasks; 24-inch widescreen monitors allowing multiple windows at the same time. When there is more room, 27” screens allow multitasking

  • Height Adjustability

Selecting a height adjustable monitor provides high flexibility to the user for an ergonomic layout at work

  • Panel selection

Various panel technologies are available.

  • Required outputs
  • Style and elegance

All major vendors have lately launched frameless monitors, almost disappearing the bezel. Those new designs give a prestigious image to the monitors and make them perfect for your office at home or at work.

As the official and only distributor and Service Centre of BenQ in Cyprus, we have a great range of monitors varying in size, resolutions and specifications. Additionally, we enhance our product lines with HP, ASUS, Dell and AOC monitors.

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