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Total IT solutions for Businesses

Bionic is your one-stop shop for all your technology needs.

With corporatae account managers, retail stores and Support Centres in three locations across Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos) we provide business solutions to our customers tailored to their needs and budget. Our experience and technological knowledge enable us to provide suitable equipment and software for businesses of any types and sizes.

These include all types of Computer equipment such as NotebooksDesktop ComputersMonitorsMultifunction Machines, Storage Devices and other high-end products for business clients as well as support services to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly without interruptions. Visit our online shop for a complete list of our products www.bionic.com.cy

Total IT solutions for Businesses

The use of technology is vital for the performance of the employees, the quality of work but also the efficiency and productivity levels at the workplace. Technology is the key for competitiveness in the marketplace and the right selection of equipment will unlock endless opportunities.


The monitor is considered as the primary interface between the computer and the user and directly affects how we can accomplish tasks. Therefore selecting the right one for your business is a significant process. just imagine the hours people spend in front of them .

UPS solutions

Very few businesses can function without electricity. Business have to plan and be prepared to overcome such issues in advance. Some of the factors that can cause power losses are physical damages, accidents, lightning strikes, site failure or even shortages during seasonal peaks.

Desktop computers

The requirements for desktop computers vary between organisations. We offer a unique combinations of products from global vendors like HP, Lenovo, Dell and others. Also with a great experience in designing custom configuration tailored to your needs we can meet any requriement.

Printers, multifunction machines and managed printing solutions

Often Businesses underestimate the cost of printing however, when everything is summed up and calculated the actual number might be quite significant. Saving on printing and consumables but also ensuring security and data protection is vital for organisations. We offer a t variety of printers starting from the low-entry models of to large managed solutions with multiple security levels. We commit to propose solutions ensuring optimisation and efficiency.

Telephony Solutions

Are you paying too much for your phone bills? We have the tools to keep you connected with much less. A reliable and cost-effective phone solution is a need for businesses of all sizes. An internet phone system can guarantee efficiency and increased-productivity at work when selected according to the needs of each organisation.

GDPR Regulation- Data Loss Prevention Consultation and Solutions

A ground breaking regulation applied since May 2018 in all EU member states aiming to strengthen data protection laws. The scope of General Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to better regulate data protection and enhance the rights of individuals providing control rights on how their personal information is collected and processed.

A  broad and general regulation covering all the aspects of protecting personal data which could be quite comfusing for most. Our people have been trained extensively over the last months in order to provide all the necessary answers for your business.

We are more than welling to discuss your concerns and create a roadmap of actions protecting your organisation from significant unwanted fines.

Installation and Implementation Services

We have been well established in the field for years now providing a wide range of services across many industries. With experience in multiple industries and solutions we have been working hard to provide top class services. Certified in various vendor technologies and with a rich portfolio of clients across the island we are confident to provide you with valuable services. Our approach has been the same for years, analysing the requirements, designing and planning of the project, implementation and testing of the solution, handover and client training and then the final stage, after sales support. Our projects never end with the handover, try to ensure our clients will have on going support.

We have designed implemented and configurated the structure cabling, and networking of hundreds of clients accross the island. We have the knowledge, experience and skill to complete any kind of project in the field. Additionally, we have been specialising in Wi-Fi installations. With a rich portfolio of completed projects in small offices, public places and large holiday villages we can help you to impress your employees, clients or vistitors with the quality of your Wi-Fi.

Security solutions is another field we have been operating lately mainly in terms of CCTV solutions in various projects.


The importance of technology is increasing among all organisations. The normal operations of businesses is heavily relied on the smooth technological usage. Following our approach which is focused on proactive identification and resolution of potential issues, and our values which include technological expertise, consumer centric approach and long lasting relationships we offer peace of mind for your business. With our 27 years of experience in the field, we our main purpose is to adequately maintain your IT system at a competitive rate and let you focus on your core business.

Cloud Solutions

A simple but meaningful explanation of Cloud computing could be computing based on the internet. Technologies nowadays enable people to access all kind of data and software through the internet instead of the actual download on each physical storage of their computers. Often we are not so confident when using Cloud services but imaging how often you actually use this kind of services. Social media are on cloud, therefore updating your status is processed using cloud. Accessing your online banking? Cloud systems allow us to do that securely.

Cloud solutions are well in our lives, both in personal and business level. It is about time to utilise the opportunity of this technology according you our business needs for a vast variety of services to remain competitive.

Some of the main advantages of cloud computing:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Data Security
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Disaster Recover
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