Notebook Computers

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Notebook computers

Your partner at work, the device you use for many hours a day, at work, at home or even during travelling. Selecting the suitable notebook computer is vital for every business person. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you towards the best product according your needs and budget. Having the suitable laptop can totally change your working style and improve your results. Some benefits can found below:

  • Anytime and anywhere
  • Unwired/Portability
  • Right-hand for meetings
  • Select the screen type for your needs (touchscreens, convertible etc.)
  • Lightweight
  • Extended battery life


Selecting the right laptop:

Various factors have to be considered for selecting the right Laptop for you.

Required usage:

Firstly, the use you are planning for it. If it is going to be a simple laptop used for emails and web browsing then a basic CPU like Intel i3 will do the work for you. More demanding uses like data processing and others, will require a CPU with a higher performance.

Size and weight:

Often a dilemma for those trying to choose between differ laptop options. For those who travel frequently and take their laptop to meetings and presentations we propose smaller options with display sizes between 12’’-14’’. For those who prefer a larger display and are not planning to move their laptop a lot, then a 15.6’’ could is a reasonable and popular option.


The latest trend for business laptops is to move away from the mechanical hard disks towards SSDs or similar. This increases the actual speed of your equipment when used at least by 4-5 times. Often, this upgrade requires a minor sacrifice in terms of the storage capacity with the new hard drives. However, larger SSDs are also available and in cases where larger storage capacities are required, there are laptops with dual storage units.


Operating Systems:

Selecting your operating system is another important aspect in the process. Microsoft Windows is by far the most commonly used operating system on a global scale. With a market share that exceeds 82% it is followed by MacOS and Linux. In case you are using Windows, don’t forget that your business laptop has to work with Win10 Pro and not Win 10 Home for various reasons.

The below table illustrates the main differences between the two most popular versions.

Features Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro
Domain Join No Yes
Group Policy Management No Yes
Bitlocker No Yes
Remote Desktop No Yes
Device Guard No Yes


It can be clearly concluded that for business users, using Windows 10 Home might cause serious networking issues and security gaps.

Moreover, battery duration is another important attribute, the type of connections, the need of an optical drive and others which might be important in special cases.

Recent technological improvements of leading vendors were radical for notebook computers. Better performance with high quality displays, lightweight and elegant designs but also extended battery duration.

A necessity for all business people, reasonably priced!

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