CCTV and Security Solutions

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CCTV and Security Solutions

Your organisation has to be protected from all possible threats. In our days, security solutions are a necessity to keep potential threats away and protect your investment. Total digital and analogue video and audio recording systems  that provides continuous CCTV recording , archiving capabilities that meets the needs of today’s demand for security. The complete solution for high-level security.

Bionic has successfully installed CCTV & ALARM Systems across all industries and types of environments. Some examples include Industrial facilities, offices, Retail Outlets, shopping Centres and hotels. All the installed systems are maintained by the professional engineers of our company.

Additionally, access control solutions which are very popular for businesses. They enable administrators to implement security procedures and authorisations within their work environment. Access control permissions are fully customised per employee regarding the access rights in various areas at between time frames.

Moreover, we provide fire alarm solutions using reliable and high quality detection equipment. Taking advantage of an early warning in case of fire is vital for the security of the occupants.

Finally, Video Door Phones (VDFs) is another solution we provide. It enables an access controlled audio-visual communication between your business and visitors.

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