Backup and Disaster Recovery

business backup solutions and disaster recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions


Without a Backup and Disaster Recovery plan in place, your business is often unnecessarily exposed to vulnerabilities. We can protect you from potential threats with a proactive approach including planning and backup.

What is your recover ability in case of server crash, deletion of data or any other disaster? A backup tape is not enough when it comes to data recovery. Imagine the recovery time, and all the work you will lose, created after your last backup.

Firstly we recommend a Disaster Recovery Audit to capture your needs in terms of the size of your data, your required recovery time or the required frequency of backup. Then, we propose various solutions to eliminate this risk by providing:

  • Frequent Backups
  • Optional off-site storage at highly rated data canters
  • Restoration possibilities with Exchange massage and mailbox recovery
  • Restoring ability of a downed server within a few minutes
  • Cost effective protection covering extensively the needs of your business

First Steps towards protecting your data depending on the nature of your business:

We have the expertise to evaluate the actual needs of your business in order to propose, implement and support backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored-made to best fit your requirements.

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